Buying a Tenanted Investment Property

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Buying a Tenanted Investment Property There are plenty of upsides to buying an investment property that already has a tenant, as well as risks. By ROB WALMSLEY Here’s how to minimise them: Purchasing an investment property that already has a tenant means you collect rent from day one. The lease just carries on as it […]

What is LVR


What Is LVR? The mortgage industry is a wide, wondrous world with a language all its own. By ROB WALMSLEY One of the many acronyms bandied about is ‘LVR’, which stands for ‘loan-to-valuation ratio’. Here’s what it means. When you are working out what amount you can borrow to purchase a property, the size of […]

Stamp Duty Explained

Stamp Duty Explained Stamp duty is a charge which is applied by State Governments in Australia on transactions relating to the transfer of land or property.  By ROB WALMSLEY  It is paid upfront and needs to be budgeted for in addition to your loan deposit. The amount of stamp duty you are required to pay […]

Housing Affordability

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Housing Affordability We regularly hear about the housing affordability crisis in the news.  By ROB WALMSLEY It’s said that this trend will continue in Sydney and Melbourne for the next 40 years, due to demand pressures and limited supply. However, it’s not all doom and gloom – there are steps we can take to make […]

Bridging Loan or Deposit Bond

Bridging Loan or Deposit Bond? When selling one property and purchasing another, the funds from the sale may not be available in time to use for the purchase deposit. There are typically two options in this scenario: a bridging loan or a deposit bond. By ROB WALMSLEY Bridging Loan A bridging loan is a short-term […]


Refinancing Refinancing can be a great way to save money if you believe you are paying too much for your loan, but there is more to it than just finding a loan with a lower interest rate and making the change. By ROB WALMSLEY Before making the switch, ensure the savings you could make outweigh […]

Speed Up Your Home Loan Approval

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Speed Up Your Home Loan Approval Asking how long it takes to get a loan approved is like asking how long is a piece of string. By ROB WALMSLEY Every application is unique, so the time between your first contact with your bank or broker and approval can never be predetermined. There are, however, some […]

Is A Family Guarantee Right For You

Is A Family Guarantee Right For You Entering the property market is no easy feat for a first home buyer, but even parents who aren’t prepared to hand over cash for a deposit may help by being a guarantor on a loan.  By ROB WALMSLEY Before taking the plunge however, it’s crucial to be aware […]

Why Does My Broker Ask For So Much Documentation

Why Does My Broker Ask For So Much Documentation? No one likes paperwork, however, providing your broker with the right documentation will save you time and money. By ROB WALMSLEY What information will your broker ask you to provide? When you ask to enlist the services of a broker, they will probably ask you for […]

Who Are The Parties Involved in Purchasing Property

Who Are The Parties Involved in Purchasing Property? Purchasing a property is a thrilling yet nerve-wracking experience, which is why it can be hand to surround yourself with a network of support and expertise. By ROB WALMSLEY Here are the different parties who may be involved in your home-buying process and how you can use […]