What is LVR


What Is LVR? The mortgage industry is a wide, wondrous world with a language all its own. By ROB WALMSLEY One of the many acronyms bandied about is ‘LVR’, which stands for ‘loan-to-valuation ratio’. Here’s what it means. When you are working out what amount you can borrow to purchase a property, the size of […]

Stamp Duty Explained

Stamp Duty Explained Stamp duty is a charge which is applied by State Governments in Australia on transactions relating to the transfer of land or property.  By ROB WALMSLEY  It is paid upfront and needs to be budgeted for in addition to your loan deposit. The amount of stamp duty you are required to pay […]

Housing Affordability

Australian dollars in a magnifying glass

Housing Affordability We regularly hear about the housing affordability crisis in the news.  By ROB WALMSLEY It’s said that this trend will continue in Sydney and Melbourne for the next 40 years, due to demand pressures and limited supply. However, it’s not all doom and gloom – there are steps we can take to make […]

Who Are The Parties Involved in Purchasing Property

Who Are The Parties Involved in Purchasing Property? Purchasing a property is a thrilling yet nerve-wracking experience, which is why it can be hand to surround yourself with a network of support and expertise. By ROB WALMSLEY Here are the different parties who may be involved in your home-buying process and how you can use […]

How Do RBA Rate Changes Affect Your Interest Rate

How Do RBA Rate Changes Affect Your Interest Rate? With the RBA setting the official cash rate at all time lows, it’s a good time to work out how this impacts the interest rate on your home loan and whether you are getting a good deal or not. By ROB WALMSLEY When the interest rate […]

What Comes First: the Property or the Loan

What Comes First: the Property or the Loan? It’s easy to get carried away with the fun part of buying a property – looking at houses – but delaying the mundane task of arranging finance will weaken your negotiating position on both the property and the loan. By ROB WALMSLEY Looking for a property to […]

Things to Know When Purchasing Your New Home

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Things to Know When Purchasing Your New Home Research like your life depended on it! By ROB WALMSLEY Get to know the market in your area The market in Australia is constantly changing. Housing prices are currently at an all-time high, while interest rates are at an historical low. First-time buyers or even those looking at […]

Pest and Building Reports

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Pest and Building Reports When purchasing an established home, it is highly recommended that you have a professional Pest and Building Inspection carried out. By ROB WALMSLEY While there is a cost involved, it can sometimes be small change compared to what lays in places not always seen by people that are unused to looking. […]

I Wish I’d Done Things Differently

I Wish I’d Done Things Differently People often wish they had gone about things differently, or at least known more, before purchasing a property.  By ROB WALMSLEY Sometimes it’s about money, sometimes it’s due diligence, or checking the property out properly. There is no right or wrong way to do this but making sure you’re […]